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Target your customers, promote and engage with them over just a missed call. It's easy!

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How BuzzAlly Works

Create Campaign

Choose your BuzzAlly number, set the duration, input the text message.

Promote Campaign

Your customers just need to give a missed call to receive your offer and engage.

Track Campaign

Track the progress of your campaign and build your audience profile from the result.


Re-target your unique audience back on social media for your next campaign.


Solutions designed to make engagement simpler.


You can promote your business and increase awareness with general offers through SMS.


Promote your attractive services to your customers when they give a missed call and receive an SMS.


Your customers just need to give a missed call to receive a discount straight to their phones.

Random Discount

You can provide your customers with random discounts for every purchase or check-in they give for your business.


Offer vouchers to your customers for themselves or as gifts to their loved one to help support your brand loyalty.


You can provide your customers with a coupon or random coupons through SMS - all they need to do is give a missed call.

Customer Service

Be more effective in serving your customers better - you can call your customers or send them survey texts when they give a missed call.

Number Verification

If you running a website or application, you can help verify your user’s numbers - all your customers need to do is give a missed call.

Mobile App Download

Promote increased downloads for your mobile application - your customers just need to give a missed call to receive your app’s link through SMS.

We're Focused On

Unique solutions designed to fit the need of your specific industry

With BuzzAlly now you have cost-effective solutions for your business. Promote, engage and get high conversion rates with simple campaigns.

Now engaging with your target consumers is simple. Choose any of our pre-designed packages that suits your brand best or you can customize your own campaigns for bigger marketing promotions.

Expand marketing solutions for your brands to reach their goals

As an agency, everyday is a constant battle to produce the best and most effective solutions for your clients.

With BuzzAlly as an addition, now produce unique, intuitive and effective campaigns for your clients. You can target a large selection of your clients from different industries and help expand solutions for them with BuzzAlly. With data from our analytics, you can now re-target audiences through social media as well. Successful campaigns, happiers clients.

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